Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile provides many benefits to the body, especially because it can be consumed as tea. Many women are depressed during menstrual periods. Every day during menstrual periods, a cup of chamomile tea brewed on a full stomach will help greatly in their depressive state.

Chamomile is a kind of plant specially created for women who have a troubled and depressed period due to menstruation. Chamomile is an important plant for women to spend their menstrual periods comfortably and peacefully.

With the help of chamomile tea, relaxation of the digestive system, menstrual (menstrual) periods can be provided to relieve pain. In addition, chamomile tea appetite, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) can be used in the treatment. The tea of ​​this herb is used for gargling and is used for the treatment of sore throats and mouth sores. Tea is also useful for toothache and against insomnia. The benefits of chamomile tea are as follows;

– Used in the treatment of sleep disorders

– Used for rheumatic disorders

– Relieves the symptoms of skin diseases that cause skin rash

– Used as an aid to digestion after meals

– Used in the treatment of gastritis and ulcerative colitis

– Relieves morning sickness

– Reduces allergy symptoms

– It reduces stress

– Prevents stomach contractions

– Reduces anxiety and provides general relaxation

– Fixes bowel problems

– Used as an aid in the treatment of intestinal inflammation

– Relaxes muscles, reduces cramps

– Increases bowel movement

– Prevents gum diseases

– Improves oral inflammation

– Calms down

– Runs the liver.

– Relieves menstrual contractions

– Relieves back and low back pain

– Strengthens the immune system

– Sore throat

– Used as mouthwash water for the treatment of abscess

Other Useful Uses of Daisy

Chamomile, shallots in the treatment of 1 tea cup of spring water, 1 coffee spoon crumbled flower can be beneficial by placing. After waiting for 15 minutes, it is filtered through a thin and clean cheesecloth. This water is dipped in a small piece of cotton and put on the eyelid. As the cotton cools, it is replaced with a new one. For eye burring, the eyes are wiped with this water.

To benefit from this benefit of daisy, which also has intestinal gases, indigestion and diuretic effects; 3 teaspoons of the plant is put into the cup and poured over boiling water, covered over 5-10 minutes. It is infused. Drinking is recommended.

To benefit from this benefit of daisy which has the effect of cast intestinal worms; 1 cup boiling water 2 teaspoon chamomile is thrown, 10 min. drink after brewing. This treatment is continued for 4-6 weeks, morning and evening. In the last two to three weeks, the same amount of cassia is added to the tea as a laxative.

Although there is no effect in the treatment of rheumatism alone, the mixture obtained with mint and olive oil is fed into the place where rheumatism is painful and massaged. Plant, thyme, mint, boiled with linden and drink this drink is also good for rheumatism.

Use of chamomile tea in patients with gastric ulcer and burning

Those suffering from stomach ulcers can easily drink chamomile as herbal tea. Alpha bisabolol, especially the flowers, is effective against ulcer (antiulcer). This active substance also acts against stomach burning.

The use of chamomile tea in the purification of the liver

The azulene substance in the leaves and stems is also effective against stomach ulcers. Apigenin, especially found in the leaves and stems of prairie chamomile, is one of the few active substances that are effective against the depressive conditions of women during menstrual periods. The herniarin that protects the liver is one of the typical active ingredients of prairie chamomile. Furthermore, its role in the purification of the liver is due to sinapic acid. Drinking herbal tea from rural chamomile from time to time plays an active role in healthy functioning of liver metabolism and hepato-detoxification.

Chamomile tea is useful for healthy gums

One cup of water in a pinch (4-5 grams) of the daisy for five minutes to light the fire and strain. After warming, brush your teeth by immersing them in your toothbrush (without pre-brushing with toothpaste). Occasionally brush your teeth gently without too much pressure. The brewed chamomile tea is for one-time use. Two to three times a month will help you achieve healthy gums.
Chamomile tea is good against sinusitis

Bring about half a liter of water to the boiling point. Add 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile or four sachets of chamomile into slightly boiling water. Cover your head with a towel, hold your face to steam and breathe through your nose. In between, breathe through your mouth. Continue this application for five minutes. After five minutes, take a half-hour break and apply it again for five minutes by covering your head with a towel. The next day, apply the same for five minutes, take a half-hour break, and then apply again for five minutes.

On the day the tide starts to come, stop for three days. In some cases, the current starts to flow in the first five minutes of the first day. In other cases, currents start to come on the second or later days. After sufficient relaxation, you can continue to practice from time to time on advanced dates.

Chamomile tea is good for menstrual periods

During menstrual periods every day on a full stomach, brewed drinks and a glass of chamomile tea, women’s depressive situations will help greatly. It will be much more effective if it starts three days before menstruation. The point to be considered when applying this cure is to drink chamomile tea on a full stomach. Drinking half an hour after lunch or dinner would be the best timing.

How is chamomile tea prepared?

To prepare a good chamomile tea, add 2-3 tablespoons of dried chamomile flower and add half a liter of boiled water. Then you can drink your tea by filtering the chamomile. You can add honey or a few drops of lemon to sweeten. Apart from this, you can see that the chamomile tea preparation has changed according to the diseases that chamomile tea is good for in other titles. As the preparation of chamomile tea changes according to your illness, you can choose the type of preparation that suits you and your illness from the whole article.

Damages or side effects of chamomile

There is no known side effects. However, it should not be applied to the eyes when applying oil and tea to the skin. In addition, chamomile oil should not be used, should not be used in large amounts by people with thyroid disorders.

Are antioxidant-rich green teas really beneficial to health?

Can we collect chamomile and make tea yourself? You can also collect daisies during the season. The flowers should be collected within ten days at the latest after opening. Do not pick up those that have waited too long or have partially spilled white flower petals. Do not prefer those who grow on the roadside where vehicle traffic is heavy. Do not wash the daisies you are going to dry in case they are dusty. After collecting these smoothie flowers need to dry outdoors and in the shade on a board or cloth. When drying, do not lay on nylon or similar synthetic material. Please note that after drying, you must protect it in a glass jar and in a closed cabinet that does not receive light.

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