How are dental stones cleaned naturally?

How are dental stones cleaned naturally?

Causes dental stone?

Dental calculus occurs on external surfaces due to various brown spots on the tooth surface. And what causes teeth? How are dental stones cleaned naturally? We searched for those who are interested in dental stones that are common in dental problems.

In the detail of the news, you can find ways to get rid of the tooth stone, also known as tooth  taste.Food waste causes harmful toxins in the mouth when the mouth is not cleaned well. These harmful toxins combine with the substances in the saliva to provide the acid effect. This acid effect causes a thick brown layer on the tooth surface. Most patients ignore this formed plate.

At a later time, this decayed layer could damage the tooth enamel and meat and cause tooth loss. At the same time, it causes inflammation which can cause bad breath where there is tooth loss. This inflammation through scrubbing spreads all over your mouth. Even if the teeth are brushed regularly, it is not easy to get rid of these stones. In addition to tooth stones in the mouth, the smell of tooth damage.

To avoid this, patients often refer to specialists. However, some interventions weaken tooth enamel. This sometimes causes tooth loss.



– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds

– 1 tbsp carbonate

– Half a spoon of olive oil

– Half a liter of water


First, boil all these ingredients for 20 minutes. Then mix the mixer to mix the mixture.  After the mixture has cooled down, apply a little brush on the outer brush and brush your teeth for 60 seconds. You have to do this twice a day.


10 walnuts

2 cups of water


Place the walnut with strong antibacterial properties in the boiling pan with shells. Add boiled water and boil after boiling with water and put in a jar. Brush your teeth three times a day by dipping your toothbrush in this water.


Aloe vera’s gel branch

One tablespoon of carbonate

A tablespoon of lemon juice


Remove the gel from the aloe vera and mix by adding carbonate and lemon. You can use this mixture every
day after waiting a day. It is a good idea to renew the mixture every two days. Softening your teeth
3 times a day can reduce the effect of tooth stones by brushing your head with a toothbrush.

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