Text To Speech In 3 Clicks


Text To Speech In 3 Clicks

Have you ever tried to create a Text-to-Speech (TTS) audio file and it says “Was that easy?” Did you think?
In fact, “Sounds great!”
No, I didn’t think so.

Let’s face it – by now it was a PAIN to create a “Text-to-Speech” voice…
And the results?
Just plain disappointment!

You know a few things are more annoying. While watching a video,
more than a scary soundtrack – high-pitched voices, bad voice, and trying to understand what is being said …
But even BAD! Speech text!

Those scary Text-to-Speech voices in sounding videos …
Fake, callous, robotic, and cheap!
This makes me hit the Back Button every time

So what should we do if we don’t have a good voice for our own voice or for videos of our customers?
We pay someone to do this for us, and it’s not cheap! There was no real alternative …

Text To Speech In 3 Clicks

Of course, you can outsource your Voiceovers… and you can pay a few hundred dollars for an “average” Voiceover… not to mention the time and hassle of commuting with a group of freelancers.

What if there was a much easier and faster way to create Human Sounding sound in just a few clicks… MINUTES from now ?!

You are lucky because there is a brand new tool that has just entered the market called Speechelo and will make your life FOREVER easier when it comes to creating Text-to-Voice

– Expensive Freelancers
– Forget the “Robotics” TTS Tools
– Forget the disappointing results

Now you can get the most competitive edge, reduce hours in your day, and get out Human Sounding Sound for your videos twice as fast.

PS. This NEW software will create a ‘Human’ voice Voice Over
I’ve never heard of anything like this …

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