The Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women


The Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women

Scientific Research Reveals :

Why Men Always Reject Particular Women
(and the surprising scientific reason they are drawn to others)

Over the years, Tanya had been told she was “fantastic “, “beautiful inside and out “, “amazing “, and “total girlfriend material” by the guys she’d been in relationships with …

But all those kind and reassuring words just made her feel worse .

Because the unfortunate truth was :.

Although they TOLD HER she was a perfect catch , none of them would CHOOSE her for the long-term.

Which meant these men were either not telling the truth , or there was something else she was doing wrong : something so repulsive that they just couldn’t bring themselves to continue with her.

“It made me really feel unworthy ” she explained to us . “Why am I never ever sufficient for the ones I really desire ?”.

“I just want somebody to want me”.

This fundamental question of what makes a person select a certain partner while not feeling it with others has plagued women for as long as men and women have been getting together .

Today, science might finally have an answer to this question .

According to brand-new research findings released in the academic journal, “Archives of Sexual Behavior”*, men are not drawn to women based on “logical reasons”.

Relationship and dating expert Clayton Max explained to us, “It’s not about checking off the criteria on his list of what makes his ‘dream girl ‘. A woman can’t convince a man to want to be with her”.

In fact , Max says , when a woman tries to persuade a guy , put pressure on him , or show him how ideal she is, it’s likely to backfire, because these behaviors indicate the exact opposite of what makes men confidently sure she is it for him.  The Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women.

Relationship and dating expert Clayton Max

“The reality is” according to Max, “guys pick women based on whether they do one specific thing :.

They are drawn to women who trigger the powerful feeling of INFATUATION”.

Psychologists have found that infatuation originates from a subconscious instinct deep within the brain …

When a man’s infatuation impulse is ON , it doesn’t matter if a potential mate has any of the personality traits he’s been seeking .

She could be totally mis-matched for him, however he’ll make time for her. He’ll move cities for her . He’ll change professions for her if necessary .

This is all because the Infatuation Instinct literally forces him to ignore everything else except for making her his .

So how does a woman turn on a man’s Infatuation Instinct …  To make him so overwhelmed with desire he’s willing to do anything to show her how much he wants her?

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