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Unlock Hip Flexors: What Do Hip Flexors Do? Your hip flexors are a few muscle groups that cause flexion movement to bring your torso and legs together. These muscles allow you to move your knee or legs towards the trunk. They also help you lean your torso forward from your hips. While these muscles are an integral part of many different activities. They are often completely ignored because not enough people know them.

Most importantly, when these muscles are neglected, you are more likely to experience tears or heavy tension when you make sudden movements. Even falls are dangerous for these muscles. It may cause permanent damage and strain. The main task of hip flexors is flexion.

Flexion means ‘coming together. When the flexor muscles contract, they tend to draw two bones that help bend the joints. As for the hip flexors, these muscles draw the leg bones and the bones of the hip together. If your hips are already stretched, these muscles don’t work. It usually happens while sitting. Unlock Hip Flexors

Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle is the fastest way to reach tight or weak hip flexors. The primary reason, or this, is that such a lifestyle keeps the flexors in a shortened position, not taking advantage of their true potential. With weakened or squeezed hip flexors, you will experience problems such as back pain, limited range of motion, hip pain, poor posture, and even become more prone to injury. The best way to combat these risks is to exercise well with basic movements such as stair climbing, leg raising, jogging, or even riding a stationary bike to the hip flexor muscles. Unlock Hip Flexors

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What are hip flexors?

As the name suggests, ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors‘ is a program that focuses on teaching exercises and stretches to help open weak or tight hip flexors.

This program will teach you how to open the hip flexor muscles for pain relief, enhanced flexibility, improved mobility, and a general improvement in your health and well-being. It is a sufficiently simple regime that you can successfully follow, as the producers of this program designed the program in this way.

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Things you will get with the ‘Unlock Your Hip Hip Flexors’ Program.

A DVD with about ten special exercises to help you activate the muscles of your hip flexors. They are packed with information about the right form and the right coaching.

The program also includes a handbook equipped with highly targeted stresses for the hip flexor muscle group. With this section. You will receive content that talks about the effects of muscle shortening on your overall well-being and health. Unlock Hip Flexors

The 63-page user guide comes with detailed descriptions and related pictures to help you yawn without the risk of injury or worsening your condition.

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