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Water storage due to drought is a common issue in the arid region. Everyone wants a safe, undisturbed, and clean water supply. Chris Burns’ Water Freedom System is an escort that teaches how to replace extremely poisonous. Polluted water to purify drinking water. At some point in drought hits, we can produce refined drinking water that is essential for living.

The Water Freedom System guide thoroughly teaches the exact methods of purifying water. Complete drafts, instructions, and step-by-step methods to turn dirty and toxic water into consumable and pure. Directions and methods are easily understandable and very detailed. The water generator and innovative solution can draw water from the air.

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What is the Water Freedom System about?

This system explains to us the basics of survival in anhydrous drought conditions. We may need to produce potable water. In general, it contains a series of drafts and instructions for preparing pure potable water from toxic and polluted water.

How does the water distribution system work?

Water Distribution Systems

The purpose of the distribution system is to provide the consumer with quality, quantity, and pressure of water. The distribution system is used to collectively define the facilities used to supply water from its source to the point of use.

Good Distribution System Requirements

Water quality must not deteriorate in distribution pipes.
It should be able to supply water with a sufficient pressure cap to all desired places.
It should be able to provide the required amount of water during fire fighting.
The order should be such that no consumer will be without a water supply during the repair of any part of the system.
All distribution pipes should preferably be installed one meter away or above sewer lines.
It should be quite waterproof to protect against losses due to minimizing leakage.
Distribution Network Placements Water Freedom System

Distribution pipes are usually laid under road pavements and therefore their layout often follows the layouts of the roads. There are generally four different types of pipe networks; any of them can be used alone or in combination for a particular location. Water Freedom System

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  • Dead End System
  • Grid Iron System
  • Ring System
  • Radial System

Distribution Reservoirs

Distribution tanks, also called service reservoirs, are storage reservoirs. That store purified water in emergencies (during fires, repairs, etc.) and also to help absorb hourly fluctuations in normal water demand.

Functions of Distribution Reservoirs:

  • Absorb the requested hourly changes.
  • To maintain constant pressure in the distribution network.
  • Stored water can be supplied in an emergency.
  • Location and Height of Distribution Reservoirs:

be placed as close as possible to the request center.
the water level in the reservoir should be at a high enough level to allow gravity flow at sufficient pressure.
Reservoir Types

  • Underground reservoirs.
  • Small ground-level reservoirs.
  • Large ground-level reservoirs.
  • Overhead tanks.
  • Storage Capacity of Distribution Reservoirs

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The total storage capacity of a distribution reservoir is the sum of:

Balancing Tank:

The amount of water that needs to be stored in the reservoir to balance or balance demand fluctuating against continuous supply is known as the balancing tank (or balancing or operating tank). Balance storage can be done by the mass curve method. Water Freedom System

Failure Storage:

Failure storage or storage, which is often called emergency storage, is protected storage to come to emergencies that arise due to the failure of pumps, electricity, or other mechanisms operating the pumps.

A value of approximately 25% of the total storage capacity of reservoirs or 1.5 to 2 times the hourly average supply per hour can be considered as sufficient provision to account for this storage.

Fire Storage:

The third component of the total reservoir tank is the fire tank. This provision meets the water requirements to extinguish fires. A daily requirement of 1 to 4 per person is sufficient to meet the requirement.
Total reservoir storage can finally be dealt with by adding all three reservoirs.

Conclusion about the Water Freedom System

Overall, this system is great and has taught many people about the importance of being able to sustain themselves by producing water.

Whether you are in the middle of a drought or a global crisis, you can use the generator you produce to get as much water as you and the people who care about you need.

What you need to do now is order a copy of your Water Freedom System  Start building your first water producer.

While the Water Freedom System is only available as an eBook. You can read it now and take notes later or print the most important pieces so you always have them when you need them.

I am grateful for stumbling in this system and I look forward to using it to keep my loved ones safe in the case of SHTF.

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