What is the Old School New Body Workout


What is the Old School New Body Workout / F4X Exercises Plus Diet Plan /Program? The Old School New Body is primarily a ‘resistance workout’ fitness program that strives to make you look slim and toned. This program will allow you to recover muscle which will ultimately help you in burning fat off. This program includes a series of ‘low-weight workouts which are devised to help you-

  • Burn calories instant
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Reshape your body
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Produce healthy muscles and strengthen the joints
  • Develop the production of growth hormones in the body

The essential principles of this fitness program are low-weight and high- reps resistance exercises. They are totally based on the techniques used by an old school famous trainer called, Vince Gironda. Our old-school new body reviews will guide you from A to Z about the product.

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Who Are The Producers Of Old School New Body System?

The Old School New Body program was jointly organized by Steve Holman, his wife Becky Holman, and John Rowley. Steve and Becky are excellent fitness couples.

Steve Holman is the editor of “Iron Magazine” for the past 25 years and is a modern Vince Gironda. He came across the systems and methods of this program when he was going through some magnificent belongings of Vince Gironda after his death. Steve has composed multiple books and articles on fitness, weight loss, and nutrition. He is understood to have started boosting weights while he was so young, but only after he began following the F4Xworkouts, his body changed spectacularly.

Becky Holman is the greatest example of how well the program runs. She started following the program only in her 40’s, but her transformation was wondrous. The body and shape the Holmans possess now are an excellent example of how young and fit you will look once you begin the Old School New Body Program.

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How Does The Old School New Body Work?

It becomes quite challenging to reduce weight after you have arrived in your thirties. Our body’s strength to burn fat decreases magnificent because we lose muscles as we age.

This program is formed in such a way that it encourages you to obtain lean muscles and improves the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently.
It provides you the important nutritional tips to assist you to maintain a strong body and attain a fitter body shape.

It includes a combination of very simple exercises that enables high-intensity muscle workout. However, do not think that since it is simple, it does not require much hard work. In fact, the official website of the program clearly mentions that the program is not for those who think.

That a simple exercise does not need hard work. This plan is composed easy and simple only for you; otherwise, all workouts need hard work.

That you do not need to break your eating habits. The program asks you to perform small dietary changes, which are required to assist you to lose more weight quicker. They are nothing significant but to avoid refined foods and carbs.

That resistance training is not your cup of tea. Despite you do the Old School New Body, at home or at the gym, you require to do resistance training. That is the core of this exercise plan.

That you are way too old for such exercises, no one is old enough for wanting a healthier looking body. And this workout is particularly designed for older men and women.

That you are one of those people who purchase the book but leaves it on your table and do not read it, don’t lose money to do that.

One should not be fooled by how easy these workouts look. They are the easiest, but they will provide you the best benefits with the desired results. Our honest old-school new body reviews will not awry the user from the product.

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Who is the Old School New Body for?

This training system is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce weight, look younger, develop lean muscles, and tone up. It works best for both men and women equally. It can be followed even by people over their twenties who want to look younger and stronger.

Since these exercises make very small stress on your joints, they can be followed by people over 40 or even 60. We can view the best example of Becky Holman who achieved her dream body after the age of forty.

One should remember that this workout is not going to make your body seem like a bodybuilder or like Hulk. Most men and women particularly do not prefer that. However, this program will only provide you a toned and shaped body.


Old School New Body is really a wondrous product for every person. Who is new to having a workout routine combined around resistance training. Wants a program that will bring excellent results in a time productive and safe manner.

Just the thoroughness of the F4X system coupled with the established minds behind the method and topped off with a 100% money-back guarantee on your results or your money back…

You simply cannot go wrong with this one. You just need to click here to take a coupon automatically connected to your purchase for their cheapest available price.

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