Self-Knowledge And Increased Performance

Self-help books often focus on popular psychology, such as romantic relationships. Those who believe in self-help understanding can be effortlessly checked for their minds and human behavior. Self-help books often advertise as self-knowledge and increased performance, including satisfaction with one’s life. Self-efficacy is the development of a person’s ability to manage independently. Such as not being afraid of loneliness, not being afraid of independence, and not needing external support for good functioning.

It is difficult to imagine a completely self-sufficient person. Therefore, types of self-sufficiency are distinguished depending on the area (social, financial, household). The definition of self-sufficiency is able to identify the two poles of the manifestation of this quality. On the one hand, a person can do without others, who cannot suffer (can find something that can freely do something, on the other hand, can find something), on the other hand. Positive effect the world can nurture. Extreme manifestations of self-sufficiency, when the rest moves to one side and a person falls into a hermitic shelter.