Self-Sufficiency, What Are We Missing?

Self-Sufficiency, What Are We Missing?

Self-Sufficiency: What Are We Missing? In order to be self-sufficient, we can start by getting to know yourself first. What are our shortcomings? What are our weaknesses? What are the things that create conflict within us? We must first know these features. After the problematic things were determined, the solution rate was 51%.

We must know our extremes, our needs, our satisfaction, our satisfaction, the wrong compromises. We must know the common point of mistakes made in the life we ​​live. The common points in our mistakes are an indication of our shortcomings in that subject.

Getting people’s consent

It is doing something because it is logical and necessary, not to gain the approval of the people around us. For example: as in all behaviors such as shopping, clothing, eating, and drinking. In order to be self-sufficient, our self-confidence must be at a sufficient level.

The concept of being self-sufficient is related to thinking that it is sufficient. Self-sufficiency is self-awareness and self-knowledge at the same time.

Now if we take it from the beginning to be self-sufficient

  1. In order to be self-sufficient, we must know ourselves.
  2. We should be confident about self-confidence and instill self-confidence.
  3. We have to realize our shortcomings in our self-knowledge studies.
  4. Believe me, while discovering a new side of our every self-reckoning, we can also notice a new deficiency.
  5. Self-sufficiency is by noticing the deficiencies, weaknesses, and the ritualized mistakes and repairing them.

(Reread this article right now. Yes, yes again. Then take something out for yourself from this article and start writing)

Self Sufficiency: What Are We Missing? Don’t be afraid to confront

A person who is self-sufficient is the one who confronts himself. He should be able to do actions and decisions for himself, not for social approval, but for social tastes. (Do you live for the community?)

What can you change in your life? (What came to your mind. What comes to your mind are the points where you are unhappy or incomplete)

Now, if you haven’t read this article seriously, start over. Is your paper pencil ready?

In your list, you have written your shortcomings and common points of your mistakes so far. Now write down the solutions for these problems. (If you say there is no solution, you need a consultant)We are now approaching the result. It starts with being self-sufficient, knowing oneself, identifying the problem, and developing the solution.

In general, we perceive self-sufficiency as not communicating with someone else or living alone. Actually, the real thing is to be able to do this within the framework of human characteristics. In other words, our human feature is to be able to achieve this by living with society. We must be able to be self-sufficient by being intertwined with society. Otherwise, taking shelter in loneliness is a sign of avoiding problems and feeling inadequacy.

Self-Sufficiency In human relations:

We have to live a life without being dependent, but remaining faithful, not giving up, but decisively.

  • Without being obliged to anyone, but not losing people.
  • Not being alone but not drowning in the meaningless crowd.
  • Not after instant pleasures, but by catching general peace.
  • We should live life by knowing ourselves but knowing what we want.

It should not be forgotten that life gives people the strength to remove every pain. Even the greatest pain can be lifted by people. But it should not be forgotten that; No one is indispensable in life. The only thing we cannot give up is our view of life. We can overcome all the pain and difficulties in life with a perspective that sees the positive reality as it is, is not fatalistic, does not leave happiness to chance, and is a social entity instead of devoting itself to society. As long as we develop our thinking. Without thought there is no emotion, without emotion, there is no meaning. In that case, whoever thinks right acts right feels right.

In our society, many studies have been carried out on the concept of “self-sufficiency” and even sectors are formed. Such as psychological training, personal development training, self-development. All such studies are aimed at achieving goals such as making the right decision, maintaining social harmony, and being happy.

After all, it is the most basic point and idea of ​​being self-sufficient. If we organize our thoughts, we also organize our lives. Regardless of our age, we can make “living arrangements” at any age. Never too late for anything. Something new that we bring to ourselves at every moment is an investment both in the present and in the future periods of our lives.

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