What are the benefits of banana?

What are the benefits of banana?

Unknown areas of the banana peel …

Did you know that bananas, which have the strongest vitamins and minerals among tropical fruits, have human  health benefits? So what are the benefits of banana? We have investigated everything from the banana peel to  the unknown areas of use. You can find the details about the bananas which are very rich in potassium in detail.

There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in the banana that has three varieties that are grown in Southeast Asia, green, red and yellow. Banana rotein, the most nutritious food in nature, is rich in minerals and amino acids. It is not recommended to consume bananas for people who are slow to digest.

Because the bananas may cause constipation due to some substances. At the same time, the banana B1, B2, C, A and E vitamins containing bananas, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iodine, such as minerals contain plenty.

Banana, the most potent nutrient  in potassium, increases the perspiration, making the muscles and bones work faster. Effective for soothing the nerves, the banana causes a more comfortable sleep when consumed one hour before bedtime.


– Banana contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. These fiber types slow down digestion and cause long-term saturation. For those who want to lose weight during the day, it is recommended to consume fruit. However, consult a specialist without adding bananas to your diet list.

– Fiber is effective not only for digestion but also for lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol drop is  quite good for cardiovascular health. Especially prevents vascular occlusion.

– Sweet and sour taste of banana, stomach and intestine health benefits from esophagus. Increases the amount of fluid  in the body to facilitate the surface of the adrenal glands.

– High potassium-containing banana balances blood pressure. This protects the health of the brain, prevents high blood pressure.

– Blood pressure balances blood cells in the same order. Increases iron absorption by increasing red blood cells. This reduces the risk of anemia.


– Banana has a strong antiseptic property and can be used in make-up cleansing peel.

– The liquid in the shell can be poured into toilet paper and you can make your canvas smell good.

– You can prevent the sweating odor by rubbing the banana peel on your entire body and balancing the body’s fats.

– In cases of severe headache, you can reduce the severity of the pain in a short time by placing a banana peel on your forehead for about an hour.

– Helps reduce the severity of the condition when you rub the banana peel during your skin burns.

– Thanks to its antibacterial effect, the toothbrush can take it to your teeth. In addition to reducing infected cells here, you can help to whiten  teeth.

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