What are the hormones that affect women at an early age?

What are the hormones that affect women at an early age?

Some hormones found in women often increase after adolescence and pregnancy. Although this seems to be scientifically good, these hormones cause women to age rapidly when they are secreted excessively. What are the hormones that make women early? In the detail of the news you can find the hormones that every woman should know and how they have risen.

The world of science says that there are 100 hormones in our body and they should be secreted continuously. Some of them are both very important and harmful for women.

These hormones, which affect health and skin positively, disrupt  the mental balance when they are secreted more or less. There are some suggestions of experts to keep these hormones  in balance. Hormones regulate the functioning of some organs in our body. Additional reinforcement and support are  required for the operation or secretion of hormones. It affects women compared to men, especially during stages of  body development. The hormone level frequently changes in adolescence and pregnancy adversely affects the body  structure of women.


– The most important hormone for the skin is estrogen. Estrogen is highly effective in the production of collagen and supplements. The lower the level of this hormone that prevents wrinkles and aging, the faster the aging.

It disrupts theelastic structure of the body by being high. The estrogen level affects the fat in red flesh very negatively. That’s  why experts emphasize that when consuming red meat, it should be preferred in non-fat ones. Foods such as bone broth  and liquorice contain liquiritigen, which is antioxidant. This substance protects the elastic structure in the body.  Estrogen provides sufficient amount of hormone secretion.

– Somatotropin ie growth hormone women form the muscular structure of the muscles, bones, chest ie briefly. Activities such as regular walking, hot baths and cycling can be done to prevent this hormone from falling.

– Women up to 30 years of age, DHEA is a hormone that is produced to delay wrinkling and aging. This hormone decreases depending on age. This hormone, especially after 30 declining, increases the wrinkle especially in the eyes and around women. In order to increase this hormone, at least 3 walnuts and one avocado should be consumed in the breakfast.

– Prolonged stress and depression is an important hormone for sleep that allows melatonin to listen to the body. Because the body does not rest, it does not release the necessary vitamins and minerals, which leads to signs of aging such as  hair loss, buccal debris and wrinkling of the lip.

The enemy of the hormone melatonin is nicotine and caffeine.  Therefore, it is necessary to avoid both substances. Especially after the age of 20 is useful to leave. Nutrients  such as bananas, tomatoes and corn are effective in balancing this hormone. In addition, this hormone can be balanced  by consuming anise tea every night before bedtime.

– Cortisol increases the probability of aging of the person as this hormone increases. There is an unstable drying  of the skin. At least two and a half liters of water should be consumed daily to balance this hormone. At the same  time, the skin should be cleaned with pure rose water every day.

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