What are the nutrients that make good for forgetfulness?

What are the nutrients that make good for forgetfulness?

Benefits of blueberries and dark chocolate for memory …

One of the most common disorders today is forgetfulness. As age progresses, there are 3 main factors causing  forgetfulness, which turns into serious disorders such as alzheimer and dementia. What causes forgetfulness? Does depression make you forgetful? In the detail of the news you can find everything about forgetfulness.

It was investigated whether forgetfulness has anything to do with psychology. Neuropsychiatric tests revealed very interesting results. Especially when we look at the relationship between brain and behavior in diagnosis, the main reasons of forgetfulness were revealed. Nutrition is one of the most effective methods to end forgetfulness. The most effective substances for this purpose are omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, B12 vitamin rich in foods that forget forgetfulness. According to research, hormonal imbalance in the body may cause forgetfulness.


– One out of every 5 people faces severe periods of depression. Depression causing emotional and mental trauma;  tension, restlessness, emotional spiral and weeping boutiques. In the case of severe depression, the brain can be called a measure against negativity. However, this process is very dangerous because people may find the  frequency of suicide attempts in forgetfulness and depression.

– Vitamin B12 is a resource that the body needs. It is especially necessary for the health of nervous tissue and the production of red blood cells. It is a vitamin that requires reinforcement because it is not produced  by the body. Therefore, unhealthy eating habits cause a decrease in this vitamin. In addition, vitamins in the  body do not work because the thyroid gland does not work, which leads to a decrease in hormones. As the hormones decrease, the nerves are not transmitted to the brain that prepares the ground for forgetfulness.

– The most common neuropsychological condition is Alzheimer’s. Although this disease starts with forgetfulness, it causes serious damage to the brain. This forgetfulness, especially in the elderly, should be treated in accordance with early onset symptoms.


– Foods rich in vitamin B12 are red. People with vitamin B12 deficiency should consume red meat at least 2 times a week.– Omega – strengthens memory in fishes rich in 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are particularly high in fish such as  salmon, sardines and bonito. According to experts, children of developmental age and pregnant women should take at least one gram a day and other people take omega 3 fatty acids once a week.

– Blueberries and bitter chocolate are effective in strengthening the memory in terms of the polyphenol material  they contain. Experts emphasize that two foods should be consumed daily without over-consumption.

– Omega – 3 fatty acids, hazelnuts and walnuts are also very effective. In the research, omega-3 fatty acids are  given to the body by consuming a handful of walnuts or hazelnuts daily.

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