What Are The Symptoms of Epilepsy?

What Are The Symptoms of Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is wrong about the known issue…

Epilepsy, mostly seen at young age, causes serious health problems depending on the type of nerve stimulants in the brain.This disease, which adversely affects the quality of life, occurs during sudden stress and sadness. We’ve compiled what you’re wondering about epilepsy, a recurrent seizure disease. And what are the symptoms of epilepsy? What are the known correct errors with epilepsy?

Epilepsy is known by the public as alı Sara disease Ep Ep. Epilepsy causes the patient to lose consciousness temporarily. It occurs in all ages and sexes. Because of environmental stimuli affecting the brain, consciousness, motor and emotional symptoms are experienced. Each seizure is not a person suffering from epilepsy.

Genetic susceptibility is the main factor in the development of epilepsy. However, congenital anomalies, birth trauma, head trauma, cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, inflammation of the brain are cases that trigger epilepsy.


The condition that triggers the epilepsy crisis is excessive stress and depression. Stress stimulates brain stimulants that prepare the environment for a seizure. According to the type of epilepsy seen in one out of every 10 people in the world population, the severity varies. He stated that the experts in the crisis had a negative impact on quality of life during the interventions.


– Prevention of sleep and fatigue before the seizure
– Rapid functioning of the functions in the body, eg increased heart rate or sweating depending on the blood circulation

– Increased shortness of breath, nausea after dizziness
– Sudden contraction of the body
– Strong traction and deceleration in engine properties
– Conditions such as inability to control facial movements indicate that seizures have begun.


FALSE – Epilepsy and seizures are the same.

TRUE – There is a seizure in many diseases from cancer to high fever. Anyone who has had a seizure is not epileptic.

FALSE – Patients with epilepsy continue to recover until the disease dies.

TRUE – The disease can be controlled by treatment and drugs.

FALSE – Epilepsy seizures are dangerous and painful.

TRUE – Epilepsy crisis is rarely dangerous. The collision, buckling and crush caused by the crisis are second degree pain.

FALSE – A person suffering from a crisis can swallow his tongue and kill this patient.

TRUE– Epilepsy crisis should not open one’s mouth. Tilt the fluid and accumulate in the mouth and prevent the person from escaping into the airway.

FALSE – Epilepsy patients can take the tool.

TRUE – These patients cannot drive in a traffic accident. However, this is not the case for treated epilepsies in some states of the United States.

FALSE – Epilepsy is not an obstacle to work.

TRUE – Patient’s night shift is dangerous. The continuous change of change also affects the patient’s sleep line, which may lead to more frequent seizures.

FALSE – Epilepsy patients cannot drink alcohol.

TRUE – Low-dose nicotine alcohol does not affect the brain, but high doses may affect the patient’s nervous system.

FALSE – Epilepsy patients cannot give birth to children.

TRUE – More than 90% of women with epilepsy may have a healthy child.

FALSE – Epilepsy treatment is done with medication and blood levels.

TRUE – The treatment method may vary depending on the patient’s condition. If the patient has the possibility of poisoning, the doctor may require blood levels.

FALSE – Epilepsy patients have psychological and mental problems.

TRUE – There is no mental or psychological disorder caused by epilepsy. However, some patients may experience depression.

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