What are the symptoms of lung stain?

What are the symptoms of lung stain?

Does lung stain kill…We have investigated for you what you need to know about the lung stains caused by the severe destruction of the lungs of the upper respiratory tract diseases. So what are the symptoms of lung spots?

Does lung stain kill? In the detail of the news you can find the curiosity about lung stain which manifests itself with a night cough.In the body, both the right and left side of the chest are the main organs of the respiratory system. Lung blood cleansing and breathing provides.

The lung that provides respiratory exchange is an essential stone for the  Oxygen that enters the body during breathing accumulates here.Through the veins, oxygen is mixed into the blood. The carbon dioxide in the body is taken out of the air voids in the lungs by means of blood.

Contamination of the blood to the lung that provides the balance of the body, or the infectious bacteria that settle here by the air, do great harm.One of the dangerous lung diseases is lung stains. Lung stain due to many reasons is a visible type of disease. It is usually caused by microbes that enter the body through the upper breath and settle in the lungs.

It can also be a symptom of diseases such as cancer or fungi. For this common condition, x-ray and tomography should be performed. After this process, the expert determines the presence of a stain and makes a detailed investigation.

Causes of staining in the lung

– The most common cause is upper respiratory tract infections. These infection viruses cause inflammation in the lungs.

– Hamartomas are fat cells grown in lipomas and capsules. These are due to some nutrients. Although they are not cancerous, they cause serious health problems in the lungs.

– The most dangerous aspect of lung staining is that the cancer cells form in the lung membrane and form a tumor. This usually applies to people with very weak caffeine, smoking and immune system.

– pneumonia and pneumonia of bronchitis, such as pneumonia, causes staining in the lungs.


Early treatment is important to prevent cancer spots before reaching serious dimensions. In the case of benign lung spotting, permanent damage occurs when early treatment is not initiated. Experts usually treat antibiotic-induced staining with antibiotics.


– 8 carobs

– 3 glasses of water

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