What are The Symptoms of Pneumonia?

What are The Symptoms of Pneumonia?

What are the symptoms of pneumonia? What is good for pneumonia?

Do you know why pneumonia increases in winter? We started to look for you what you need to know about pneumonia, which causes mild and serious health problems. What you need to know about pneumonia …

Pneumonia is often mistaken for the common cold. However, even if this disease begins with symptoms similar to common cold symptoms, it is a serious underlying disease. Pneumonia virus settles in the lungs and causes infections.

What are the Symptoms of Pneumonia

  • Body temperature above 39
  • Persistent and phlegmatic cough
  • Eating disorders, weakness
  • Waking up often
  • Difficulty breathing and chest pain while breathing
  • Profuse abdominal pain and severe cramping pains
  • It manifests itself with symptoms such as inflamed lumps.

Where and How is the Pneumonia Microbe Transmitted?

  • Unhealthy people
  • Dirty environment
  • Crowded places
  • Stuffy places
  • Overexposure to cigarette smoke
  • People with chronic diseases are more likely to get this disease.

How to Treat Pneumonia?

If not intervened early, serious damage to the lungs can occur. This discomfort does not occur very often,
however, the treatment should be completed at the end. In severe patients, infection in the lung is removed with a tube. Duration of treatment can vary between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the severity. Treatments such as antibiotics, bronchial expanders, oral or intravenous fluids, and nutritional supplements are administered.

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