What is achalasia disease (difficulty swallowing)?

What is achalasia disease (difficulty swallowing)?

What are the symptoms and treatment?
If you have difficulty eating, you may have difficulty swallowing. At the same time, the difficulty of holding the esophagus is a disease in itself. We have compiled what you should know about the disease called Akalazya. So, what is achalasia disease? What are the symptoms and treatment?

The swallowing of the food in the mouth goes down into the stomach by a shrinkage wave. This causes the sphincter muscle to fall during the esophagus process. This creates constant contractions in the sphincter of the sphincter muscle. However, in the absence of food, the muscle is loosened, causing asphalting, which causes difficulty in swallowing. This discomfort leads to the difficulty of eating.
If it progresses, it can lead to esophageal cancer. First discovered in 1674 by Sir Thomas Willis, this disease was described in animals. Because we have the same system, it is investigated whether it is in humans or not. This disease was found to live in humans. However, this disease, which does not manifest itself, is usually seen in people between the ages of 25-40. In insidious progressive diseases, because the diagnosis is delayed, the diagnosis is usually determined in advanced dimensions. Motor dysfunction in the esophagus can barely cause irritation of the upper stomach wall in the stomach.


– The first pain in the chest and the middle meal after the mealDifficulty in swallowing

– Difficulty in swallowing

– Food waste is lying to his mouth while he is lying

– Sudden weight loss

– Bad smell in mouth during burping

– Respiratory obstruction

– Severe contractions in the stomach

– Anorexia due to persistent stomach pains

– The feeling of staying in the esophagus manifests itself in such situations.

Patients usually go to the specialist with chest pain. In some cases, chest pain is confused with heart pain. If the food waste is returned or if the food never passes, the patient suffers from a feeling of suffocation. It continues with the cough. The most advanced aspect of such conditions is that the food escapes from the esophagus to the trachea and causes the lungs to become infected. This causes different serious situations. Some studies have shown that this disease is 100% effective, but infections, diabetes, scleroderma, stomach cancer and Chagas diseases are effective.


In the early diagnosis of this disease, it is useful to see an expert as soon as the symptoms begin. After this situation, experts who have difficulty swallowing often perform tests such as lung film, pressure measurement in the esophagus, upper endoscopy and physical examination. In this drug-treated disease, the patient should consume drugs on an empty stomach. In addition, experts warn that they will be swallowed small and good gum to stay away from fatty foods for a long time. The situation is advanced with the help of endoscopy. The lower part of the esophagus is provided by subcutaneous swelling and the axle is operated.

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